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From Judy:

Judy announces: “I've narrowed down the dates for KiSCon 2015 to the end of March 2015 or the end of October 2015. The October venue and sleeping room rates are cheaper so I am leaning towards that date. It is also closer to 2016 which is the real 50th anniversary of our beloved Star Trek. On the other hand, the March dates are closer to K/S day and the weekend before the two big SciFi cons here in Seattle; Norwescon and Sakura. (Yes they both happen on Easter weekend.)

If you have a strong opinion about either the March or October date, please let me know. I can't tell you the date you prefer will be picked but if I get a lot of preference for one over the other, that may tip the scales. I have to let the hotel know soon.

Why are we not having KiSCon in 2016 you ask? Well, the people I talk to at the Boston KiSCon all felt there would be so many Star Trek celebrations (cons) that we would want to attend in 2016, many of which will have our favorite guys attending, we did not want KiSCon to have to compete with the big cons. Personal budgets have to be taken into consideration.

So our group’s 50th anniversary celebration will happen at KiSCon 2015! Seattle is a great place to have a SciFi con. I have been getting lots of great ideas and I have some very special events and goodies planned.

So start saving up those pennies now!!! Conventions rely on enough people attending to make it work so spread the word to all the other K/S fans out there.

More details will be coming over the next few months. The current email address for KiSCon 2015 is below. Website will be up as soon.


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If Anyone's Looking For An AWESOME Fanfic...
The Needs of the One by Theyumenoinu is AMAZING so far. Best I've read. Not done yet but it's a lot so far and she updates regularly XD

Summary: "It was believed that Khan's blood had been the miracle remedy, but now it was the very thing that was killing him. Spock had lost him once; he wouldn't allow himself to lose him again. Sick!Kirk. Kirk/Spock Slash (Slow Build)."

Nelaya by mangochi is a close 2nd if not just as good. Also GREAT <3

Summary: "Post-Into Darkness. Jim becomes aware of Spock's strange behavior shortly after the start of their mission. Meanwhile, Spock struggles with his new and terrifying feelings towards his captain. Angst ensues. Pre-slash and slash. Nelaya (Vulcan)- suppression, the act of suppressing; conscious exclusion of unacceptable desires, thoughts, or memories from the mind"


Looking for this fic

This is the prompters request - I found it on the kink meme.  The first portion was filled, but I was wondering if any of you knew if someone else had written something similar?  I'm especially interested in the second portion/addendum of the prompt.  Or well, any academy era fics where they hook up.

Thank you!!!!

I don't even know how this would work. But, here goes anyway.

Kirk/Spock - AU. They meet as teenagers on Earth (bonus points if Spock grew up on Earth and attends some kind of ridiculously prestigious school for kids of big-time Federation politicos) and there's an instant spark and much genius-level bitching and flirting. Which leads to banter-y making out and heavy petting. And then Sarek walks in on them. And Spock is mortified. Sarek wants to bleach his brain and/or never see Kirk again, and Amanda is caught between being intensely amused and happy for her son and going into protective!Mama mode. Kirk acts all cocky about the whole incident and laughs it off, but is actually now paranoid that Sarek is going to kill him in his sleep.

Major bonus points if Kirk keeps telling Bones (obviously Kirk's BFF, in any lifetime!) that he's sure he's being followed or something stupid like that, and Bones gets to use "Goddamn it, Jim, I'm a __________ not a __________!"

And oh, super super bonus points for Sarek eventually awkwardly sort of giving his blessing to Kirk, and Jim being like, what just happened here?

If you could somehow fit Kirk showing up in front of Spock's school/college on his motorcycle, sporting his aviators, at the end of the fic, I would just die of happiness.

Also, this could possibly be a whole another prompt altogether, but I also had this idea that due to better influences in this fic's world, Kirk enters Starfleet Academy directly out of school, but Spock decides to get his doctorate/higher level degree/go on a civilian scientific expedition first, and so enters the Academy after Kirk.

Anyway, so Spock's been away for a while, doing some sort of research stuff, and Kirk's at the Academy, and one day one of his professors says that they've got a special speaker from this big, cutting-edge scientific research project, and a little light bulb goes off in Kirk's head. And of course, it's Spock! And Kirk laughs and mutters something like, "That little bastard" because Spock never told Kirk he was coming home, because it was a surprise visit for Jim's birthday or something. (Both of them would pointedly pretend they didn't realize how shoompy that was.) And Uhura would overhear and be offended and say, "Do you know whose son that is?" and Kirk would reply, "You have no idea how well I know."

And then there would be a hot, bantery reunion between Kirk and Spock ("I believe you told me to surprise you when I inquired after what you wanted for your birthday.") and then later Kirk would introduce Spock to Uhura and totally rub it in her face, and be all like, "This is my boyfriend. We've been together since I was sixteen." And Uhura would be completely boggled. And McCoy would sort of sigh and stick a hypospray in someone and be like, "Believe me, this is a thousand times better than what they were like when we were teens."

But, you know, whatever. Take what you will.

Fanvid: Stay the Night/Clarity/Spectrum
A video I made. Second Star Trek one ever. I still can't get it to stay widescreen when it uploads...I don't know how to do that right apparently. idek

Anyway! Hopefully you like it.

Story is: Spock knows he's going to outlive his captain...does he care? Nope. Loving him is worth the while even with what he knows.

X-posted. Hopefully it's not annoying.

Help finding a story
John - YikiesOniB
If I can, I need help finding a Spock/Kirk fic. It was kind of short, but basically the gist is that Kirk makes Spock go into a club with him, and at one point he makes him get up on the bar and he does a body shot off him? And then he tries to teach him how to dance, sort of.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Fic: Unbearable
Title Unbearable
Author apolesen
Fandom Star Trek: The Original Series
Pairing Kirk/Spock, sort of Kirk/katra!McCoy
Rating/warnings NC-17. Brief mention of suicidal thoughts.
Spoilers The Search for Spock
Words 2067
Summary As McCoy struggles with holding Spock’s katra, he finds himself stuck in the middle of a relationship between his best friend and a dead man.
Author’s notes Originally written back in 2009, for the following prompt (for which I've lost the URL) on st_tos_kink: "I'd love to see fic dealing with Bones holding Spock's Katra. I want Jim completely irrational with jealousy, and somehow, someway, Bones gaining intimate knowledge of Kirk and Spock, and maybe the aftermath of that, maybe the bittersweet moment when Spock remembers Jim..." Reposted from my old journal, with some minor changes.

There had been changes in McCoy's mind before it broke loose in full - thoughts and memories that were obviously not his.

Title: Arena
Author: whatshouldntbe
Status: Completed
Universe/Series: Part Three of 'What Shouldn't Be' series, Reboot XI/TOS
Rating: R
Relationship status: first time, slow build K/S
Word count: 145,000+ overall
Plot: The demons of the past will always compromise the promise of the future.
Warnings: always!girl Kirk, angst, action, character death, language, references to past child abuse, rom-com humor, sexual situations, violence, possible amateur world-building
Additional Pairings: Kirk/guy!Rand, Spock/Uhura (terminated relationship), unrequited Kirk/Spock
Summary: During the last six months of her first year into her captaincy, Jim Kirk is forced to revisIt her dark past when a rumor surfaces around the ship concerning the suspected whereabouts of Governor Kodos.


Fic: The Shirt
Title: The Shirt
Series: The Little Things
Pairings: implied Spock/Kirk
Warnings: None
Summary: Two Ensigns find a picture of a certain Commander wearing a shirt that obviously doesn't belong to him. Implied Spock/Kirk, first of The Little Things series
A/N: Based off these tags:

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Help finding
Hi, first time poster here, looking for a specific fic. 

In the story, Spock is being surprised by all the things he did not know about Jim.  In one of the little bits, Jim has a PhD (or multiple, I can't remember) and developed the computer system for the Enterprise.  In another, Jim wears colored contacts and his eyes are actually hazel or brown. (At the time Spock discovers this, Jim is wearing glasses and I believe they are getting ready to play chess.)           

Can anyone help me out?


Thank you everyone for your help!

Star Trek Into Darkness Vid: Born a Fighter
Title: Born A Fighter
Music: Gym Class Heroes
Vidder: Romanse
Characters: Jim Kirk and crew of Starship Enterprise
Rating: G
Video Beta: The multi-talented, generous of spirit, LilyK. Many thanks! ; )
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended.
Summary: Like father, like son. Jim Kirk was born a fighter.

Note: My first Star Trek vid! Cross-posted.

“Born A Fighter”

Feedback is love! : )

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