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Looking for fic recs!
narutootaku wrote in spock_kirk
 So I am new to the star trek fandom. I have wanted to join for forever but it intimidated me. It is so huge and extensive I thought I could never catch up with it all. so when the new movie came out and I found out it had started its own fandom I rejoiced.

 I have come here to ask for fic recommendations. Out of all the stories I read I love long epic chapter fics the most. Could you guys please direct me to some long satisfying  stories?

 Thanks so much! 

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*Hug* I am somewhat new so welcome...I don't know of any epic stroies yet...but I will let you know when I do, again welcome.


Some of my favorites, XI and TOS both, can be found here at my journal. Hopefully they'll be to your liking.

Welcome to the Fandom! We have a great welcoming commitee, as you can tell! Am I to assume you're a Kirk/Spock slashy, slashy fangirl(or fanboy I suppose =3)? Well I'm assuming that anyways, because you're here and this is the Kirk and Spock loyal fangirl association (as I refer to it)Now, as for fics-I think the number one, mother-of-all-fics in regards to Kirk and Spock you should check out Home by Lanaea (think will be further down) it is....absolutely fantastic. Joygasm fo sho. One that's here in the community is called 'Dreaming through the Noise' which has a great, sad beginning but eventually we get the happy ending we're rooting for. It is a must read, that's for sure.

Once again welcome to the fangirl legion!
The link for Home by Lanaea --->

that is literally the most amazing reboot story i have yet to read...I JUST WISH SHE WOULD UPDATE LIKE SOON DDDX

I actually finished all of home that has been posted! ( I just finished it today!

And thanks for such a warm welcome! I am happy to be joining another awesome fandom!

Home is epic..there are some on fanfic i didnt mention...
like atlas
see if the stoopid link works..i suck at this..
and probabley the best fanfic of all time Observations XD
(the best in my opinion..ha ha)

i dont know if anyone else mentioned these!! Sorry if i did!!
there awesome so..yeah..

I'd also like to say that you can take your search up over at kirkspock_recs. They're pretty amazing at finding/reccing stuff.

Bump for Breaking Points and You'll Get There in the End (It Just Takes a While)


(Deleted comment)
but you are great so i must rec you too the world!!!!

and i'm happy you like it i must write more, i will try!!

thank you for all the wonderful recs! I shall have to start making a list of all the wonderful new stuff I shall have to read!

I got a rec! Yaaaayyyyy! I mostly think I'm mediocre (at best), so it always makes me happy to see people like what I write. Thanks, Sweetie! <3

And your comments always make me so happy. I need to go leave some comments on your work too. :)


(Deleted comment)
thanks so much! This master list will keep me ocupied for some time to come! XD

thanks so much for all your guys wonderful help! I feel so welcomed am am excited to be getting into a fandom with such awesome people!

and you totally must watch star trek the original series,
tha is so slashy that you can unsee it and in the 4 first movies the most epic romantic history ever
K/S is so awesome!!!

in kirkspock comm we are doing a rewatch of Tos every Tuesday and Friday, i rec this fo you as a newby we talk and discuss is really neat

very important

you must see this show and learn more of K/S awesomeness, is a great commentary you giggle a lot to!!

and finally

I have just aquired all of TOS to rewatch ( I watched it with my dad when I was around the age of 8 so I remember nothing about it!) do you have A scheuel of what episode you guys are watching or is it just whatever episode you feel like talking about?

Hi and welcome to the fandom! *hugs*

Here's a link to the schedule Errand of Mercy should be up either today or tomorrow, so be sure to keep an eye on the kirkspock comm. You can follow the links and check out the episodes we've already done as well if you like :)

PS- One of the many slashy shots you have to look forward to <3

oh this is so totaly awesome! My new goal is to catch up to where you guys are by the time you get to season 2! So looking forward to this!

Awesome, we look forward to hearing from you!
Whatever you do, just make sure you're with us for Amok Time. It's pretty much universally accepted as the slashiest episode.

I definitely will be tuning into that one. But hopeful if school doesn't smother me, I should be able to be caught up by next week. If I am in a procrastinating mood (which I almost always am) It could be much sooner!

Damn school, when will it learn to stop getting in the way of our fangirling. I mean you should focus on your schoolwork. It's important. You know, because I find myself using calculus all the time in my everyday life.
If it helps, though, Star Trek isn't really the type of show that you need to watch in order. (They didn't even air it in order!) So if you want to just jump straight in and catch up on the earlier episodes later, you can.

I have found the time to get up to episode six. And also school is good for something! I shall actually be watching an episode of Star trek in one of my classes (Science fiction literature) because apparently one of the episodes is based off of a short story we will be reading.

I probably will just join in with you guys because the episodes don't flow together at all. So I shall see yo guys on Tuesday! XD

OMG, I am so jealous, which episode? (and which short story?)

It depends what order you're watching them in. If you're watching them in the airing order, which starts with The Man Trap, it can feel very disjointed and confusing. But if you watch it in production order, which starts from Where No Man Has Gone Before, you can see some semblance of character development.

The episode we will be watching is arena and it is based on arena by Fredric Brown.

i am watching them in the production order, but still compared to todays shows there is less stringing them together.

The One With The Gorn, OMG! I never knew that was based on a novel. Awesome!

Yeah, the idea of having episodes of a show string together like that really didn't start until the 80s (or so I've heard, I really wasn't around back then so I couldn't say conclusively :P) We've noticed some small hints of continuity on the character developments, but really the types of things you don't notice until the second time around and nothing particularly necessary to notice. The only episodes that are really strung together like that are, obviously, The Menagerie Part 1 and The Menagerie Part 2.

I could also not say (I was born in 89!) but I am toatly looking forward to watching Operation -- Annihilate! with you guys! it seems like it will be uber awesome!

although I am familiar with 80's t.v. shows. MacGyver was my first crush. (I have the first season of it on my shelf at this very moment.)

So that video just totally made me bawl.

Thank you for recing it, I loved it.

Wow- that video almost made me like that song.

the song come just right for this vid and the girl who did the vid is incredible all in sync so beautiful!!!
I love the vid.

everyone here should have watched she ships closet by now....

Oh! I also forgot to ask! Is there a Star trek Xi k/s podfic community! I love having fic to listen to on the go! Thanks!

:D Just saying hi! It's always nice to have a new face round here. I got into the fandom after XI too.

I don't actually tend to read muti-chaptered stuff (my concentration span dosen't quite stretch to it) but I could rec you some awesome one-shots! Once I've woken up a bitty I'll go have a raid through my bookmarks.


Seriously the best fic I've read from any fandom, ever.

It's 167 chapters so far so it's definitely not short, and it's still i progress. It's Spock's POV and talks about his experiences on the Enterprise, how he gets to know people, especially Kirk. Their dynamic in this is flawless. It goes into TOS episodes as well, but you don't have to watch them (though I suggest you do because catching little things she does different is always neat). The best part is it actually feels like Spock's POV. The author is just brilliant, she adds in mathematics, science, literature, philisophy... it's just pure genius.

recomendation!! ha ha!!

If your looking for pg more of a really good and cute story theres one by jade_dragoness called as morning shows the day.
Its soo addicting and hella cute. I think youll like it. Its more of pre-slash K/S. If your looking for just plain not one to ask really >.> ha ha
well you should look that story up its adorqable :)

Am looking for a K/S fiction story that I recently only half read then lost the story entirely and since I was at work I didn't get to bookmark it or save it. And since I got busy I forgot the title or author. So I hope someone here can help.

Here's what I remember from what I had read....

It's a Kirk Spock story. they are at the academy. Kirk a cadet and Spock a professor. Kirk has taken the Kobayshi Maru and failed it.

Kirk meets Spock at a bar where the two drink together. Spock starts to leave but ends of breaking a fight up between Kirk and some guys. Don't remember who they were.

Anyway the two have sex in like a alley or something.

McCoy is also in the story. He thinks Spock is abusive. McCoy gets involved with a female relative of Spocks.

Spock I believe was headed into Ponfarr however I hadn't read that far into the story yet.

Anyway, that's all I can remember anyone got a clue? Thanks for any and all help.

You can email me @
thanks again

Re: Find a fic for me

That would be Secret Vulcan Mating Rituals by Chase820 - her fic is no longer on FFN look on A03

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