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Looking for Spock/Kirk as kids...
mass_hipgnosis wrote in spock_kirk
Mods, please beat me with sticks if this isn't allowed. I'm new to the fandom, looking for MOAR FIC OMG. Not de-aged fic, but anything where they know each other as children or teenagers for whatever reason. I prefer epically long but I'll take whatever you've got...I'm SLUTTY like that.

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I have to check my favorites. (because there are more than 500 stories saved...)

But im looking!
So i'll get back as soon as i can.

I quite like the Enterprise High fic it's about 190,000 and really, everyone just sort of has sex with everyone in it. Sorta Kirk/Spock, but not really anything until even now on Chapter 41.

It's still a very good read though, definitely rec it, sorry for the bum link but my html skillz are non-existant other than inserting pictures haha:

Keira Marco's has a Series that is an AU of the reboot with Kirk and Spock as teens on earth. Tangled Destinies

Zjofierose's We Are Going to Be Friends is a very good story about young Kirk and Spock going to school together on Earth. It's a WIP 8 of 12 chapters finished.

The Ivy Crown, by ladyblahblah is my suggestion. It is still a WIP, but it is AMAZING. It starts when they are like 5 or 6 and I think its going to meet up with the movie (but don't quote me on that, I'm a just a fan who hopes she is right...hehehehehe).

oh and here is the link to the first part:

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