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Introduction & Help Request
Chibi Spock
dreamwind83 wrote in spock_kirk
Hello everyone,

My name is Dreamwind. You may have read some of my Star Trek fics here on LJ, fanfic . net, or at AO3. I am currently in the process of re-writing one of my older Star Trek AOS fic, "A Trick of Eros," and I need a little help.

One of the scenes in the new chapter 9 is giving me trouble. I am almost done with the chapter but I am having a hard time deciding how the Vulcan P'pil'lay (or bond breaking) ceremony should go. It is going to be a scene between T'Pring and Spock, and it is a consensual bond-breaking that takes place prior to Spock being old enough to go through Pon Farr. I know what I want the ceremony to have, I just can't decide who should be witness to it. So I am asking everyone who loves Star Trek to cast their vote in order to help me with this.

I've got a Poll up on my LJ that you can vote in or leave a detailed comment on. Any help you are willing to offer is appriciated!


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