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Title: Love? Impossible! (links to AO3)
Author: andprosper
Rating: M (R) for a brief, not terribly explicit sex scene
Pairing: Kirk/Spock, past Kirk/Various female characters
Word Count: 28302
Universe/Series: AOS (probably with heavy TOS influences):
Genre: Fluff, pretend relationship
Summary: In order to keep the Enterprise, Kirk has to pretend to be in a relationship with Spock for a year.
Warnings: a brief, not terribly explicit sex scene
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Help finding fic
Hi, I'm looking for a fic I read earlier this year but failed to bookmark. I remember it very clearly but can't find it now anywhere!

It was AOS, set shortly post-Into Darkness. Pre-slash, I want to say it was about 18-20K. The major plot points were as follows:

An away team returns from a gray, dead planet with a sick survivor, the sole one from a mysteriously destroyed outpost.
Said survivor gets sicker until he goes mad (as in rabies), bites some people, and dies.
The rabies-like plague spreads through the ship.
Jim gets bit (of course he does).
Because of Khan's blood he has longer than most but is still doomed.
The Enterprise receives a mysterious transmission promising to deliver a cure if Jim will come to a mysterious planet with a lone companion (guess who).
They go and Jim gets sicker and sicker but does not go mad. Spock has to carry him to the rendezvous point, where the mysterious aliens show up just in time.
The aliens save Jim, and he and Spock make a visit to their society to receive instructions for the antidote.
The aliens are strongly telepathic.
The aliens tell Spock that Jim must truly love him and that is how he resisted the madness of the disease, which they call "the hunger."
Story ends as Jim and Spock begin to think about their relationship.

Fic: Thicker than Water by scifishipper
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Title: Thicker than Water
Author/Artist Name: scifishipper
Prompt: Red: "I try to grasp the colour of my blood and all I feel is life slipping through the colourless veins." - Munia Khan
Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Rating: NC-17
Medium or Word Count: ~6,600
Genre(s): Romance
Warnings/Content: Anal sex, clinical discussions of blood and medical disorders
Summary: Spock is called upon to give blood to a recently revealed human-Vulcan hybrid, only to discover a disturbing fact about her.
Notes: Thanks to kdbleu for her endless support. This story is part of the Lost in Time series on AO3, but is completely standalone. Enjoy!

Thicker than Water

Nothing is Promised by Ivycross
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Title: Nothing is Promised
Author/Artist Name: Ivycross
Prompt Number and/or Title: Gold
Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Rating: G
Medium or Word Count: 1,836
Genre(s): Character Study, Fluff, Romance
Warnings/Content: none
Summary: Spock is given a reminder that his time with Jim is not infinite

Nothing is Promised

Looking for fic
Hi there,

I am looking for the fic "Getting out" by cole_chan
Summary: Caught in the outbreak of a war, McCoy and Spock must work together to get an injured Kirk out alive.

I saw this fic on various rec list but with no valid links...
can anyone tells me where i can find and read it?


Help finding a fic
made by catwhiskers
hi there

Sorry to be a pain. I read a story a while ago and i can't seem to find it.

its was a little sweet fic of TOS era, jim is badly hurt and Spock lands on vulcan to get him medical attention. He gets better but its more about the interaction of sarek and spock, then sarek and Jim over
T'hy'la bond.



K/S Shirts
Seattle, Washington, USA

From Judy:

Judy announces: “I've narrowed down the dates for KiSCon 2015 to the end of March 2015 or the end of October 2015. The October venue and sleeping room rates are cheaper so I am leaning towards that date. It is also closer to 2016 which is the real 50th anniversary of our beloved Star Trek. On the other hand, the March dates are closer to K/S day and the weekend before the two big SciFi cons here in Seattle; Norwescon and Sakura. (Yes they both happen on Easter weekend.)

If you have a strong opinion about either the March or October date, please let me know. I can't tell you the date you prefer will be picked but if I get a lot of preference for one over the other, that may tip the scales. I have to let the hotel know soon.

Why are we not having KiSCon in 2016 you ask? Well, the people I talk to at the Boston KiSCon all felt there would be so many Star Trek celebrations (cons) that we would want to attend in 2016, many of which will have our favorite guys attending, we did not want KiSCon to have to compete with the big cons. Personal budgets have to be taken into consideration.

So our group’s 50th anniversary celebration will happen at KiSCon 2015! Seattle is a great place to have a SciFi con. I have been getting lots of great ideas and I have some very special events and goodies planned.

So start saving up those pennies now!!! Conventions rely on enough people attending to make it work so spread the word to all the other K/S fans out there.

More details will be coming over the next few months. The current email address for KiSCon 2015 is below. Website will be up as soon.


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If Anyone's Looking For An AWESOME Fanfic...
The Needs of the One by Theyumenoinu is AMAZING so far. Best I've read. Not done yet but it's a lot so far and she updates regularly XD

Summary: "It was believed that Khan's blood had been the miracle remedy, but now it was the very thing that was killing him. Spock had lost him once; he wouldn't allow himself to lose him again. Sick!Kirk. Kirk/Spock Slash (Slow Build)."

Nelaya by mangochi is a close 2nd if not just as good. Also GREAT <3

Summary: "Post-Into Darkness. Jim becomes aware of Spock's strange behavior shortly after the start of their mission. Meanwhile, Spock struggles with his new and terrifying feelings towards his captain. Angst ensues. Pre-slash and slash. Nelaya (Vulcan)- suppression, the act of suppressing; conscious exclusion of unacceptable desires, thoughts, or memories from the mind"



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