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FICSPAM/PICSPAM: Selected stories and pictures.
ST: Apparate!
Title: Various Titles
Author: Saucery
Pairing: Kirk/Spock, overall, with a bit of McCoy thrown in at the end.
Universe: Reboot it, baby!
Rating: R for nudity and sexual situations. And Jim Kirk's strange, depraved mind.
Warnings: Uh. Jim Kirk's strange, depraved mind?
Word Count: 1000, give or take.
Summary: A series of ficlets based on photographs of a young Spock. Essentially - eyecandy and mindcandy. How can you resist?

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Introduction and a fun little fact.
Hey, the little ole' lurker is coming out of the shadows. >_> Ahem, right then. I absolutely love this community and all the amazing things posted here.

I had run upon some interesting facts.

I believe to have found the personality types that fit Spock and Jim.

Spock (I-Introvert, S-Sensing, T-Thinker, J-Judging) ISTJ:
Read More Here: http://www.personalitypage.com/ISTJ.html

Jim Kirk (E-Extrovert, S-Sensing, T-Thinker, P-Perceiver) ESTP:  
Read More Here: http://www.personalitypage.com/ESTP.html

What is interesting is that these personality type together are what is called a soulmate match and are one of the best matches for one another. Just look click the heart at the bottom of the page to see.

Just thought that might give someone as much squee as it did for me!

Happy Reading my fellow Shippers!

Spock and Kirk on PS3
Hello chaps,
First time poster, long time lurker.  :)  Breaking my silence because just announced...  Star Trek on Playstation with CHRIS PINE and ZACH QUINTO.   *homfg*

I'm sorry, but can you even imagine the shipping/slashing possibilities???  *nosebleeding all over my keyboard*
Here are some screenshots I took from the webcast.  wowowowowow  XD


New Community: st_picturethis
Misc: Neck

We are a Star Trek visual prompt community. The aim is for members to post artwork and pictures that will inspire a creative output from the community: stories, poetry, artwork, fanvids – all are welcome as long as it has a clear Star Trek theme. All Trek incarnations and pairings are welcome, including RPF.


Mods, if this is not allowed please feel free to delete.

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tv | nkt | take what is left of me

I hope this is allowed. If not, I apologize and of course you can delete the entry.

Picspam #day05 - Jim & Spock
hunger games ↹ Vivid
Title: Picspam #day05 - Jim & Spock
Description: I find it funny that even when they hate each other, they still walk & stands side by side.

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Picspam #Day 03 - The Epic Pinto walking post!
hunger games ↹ Vivid
Title: Picspam #Day 03 - The Epic Pinto walking post!
Rating: PG-13
Description: Kirk & Spock on shore leave as Pinto lol ...... look how much ZQ talks with his hands? ie. Vulcan foreplay. *g*

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Introduction and a vid!
Haha, oh shit, I sure hope I'm doing this right. (Abit nervous, I'm afraid.)

Well, anyways, new member to both the Star Trek world and Livejournal!(That's why I may seem a bit braindead about how to post entries, comments, etc,etc)
So I decided that I should try and become more social, and get friends and stuff, and since I like Star Trek, why not join a Star Trek group? (Spock/Kirk group to be specific)
I have other interests as well, and like many different things.
I also like meeting new people, and consider myself pretty friendly.
I like chickens.
Aaand, I'm not sure what else to tell about myself, so if there's something you'd like to ask, just go ahead!

Oh, and also, I really hope that this hasn't been posted already(If that's the case, then please excuse me), but I saw this video a few days ago, and almost cried of joy/heartache/othercheerfullemotions, and just HAD to share it:

Hopefully the link works.

Also, I'm hoping for a big, warm welcoming, and if any of you can give me a few tips on how to get around Livejournal, connect with people, or just some basic things that I should know,  I would be most grateful!

sorry for spamming your friends page but... picspam!


[1] Chris Pine
[2] Kirk & Spock (Star Trek TOS)
[3 - 5] Jim Kirk (Star Trek XI)
[6 - 7] Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto
[8] Chris Pine
[9] Spock/Uhura (Star Trek XI)
[10] Zachary Quinto
[11 - 12] Spock (Star Trek XI)
[13] Spock (Star Trek TOS)
[14 - 15] Leonard Nimoy
[16 - 17] Kirk & Spock (Star Trek XI)
[18] Chris Pine & Zoe Saldana

Take, share, credit, comment!




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K/S cilches old and new!
tribble animagus

I found this page awhile back and it just dawned on me that it might be fun to share! It's a list of K/S fiction cliches for TOS (alot are very aplicable to ST XI too). The page is kind of old (I think it was last updated in '04), but the list is still relevent and still funny as all hell.

Click here for the list!

So a few questions about our beloved fandom:
1) Are these as relevent as I think they are?
2) What cliches are we still guilty of overusing?
3) What new cliches have we come up with since the new movie?


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