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FIc: A Trick of Eros (New Version)
dreamwind83 wrote in spock_kirk
A Trick of Eros
Rating: R to NC-17
Relationship: Kirk/Spock
Realationship Status: first time
Genre: Drama, Roamnce
Tropes: genderbening, mpreg/preg, teen, gay!spock
Warning: underage, het/slash, preg/mpreg, angst, AU, violence, language, girl!Kirk,
Universe: ST XI: Reboot
Summery: Based off a from the ST Kink Meme at LJ.
Basically the prompt is that teenage Jim has somehow become a girl, and while a girl he meets Spock and the two get intimate. Which of course leads to Jim becoming pregnant. So this is the story of Jim and Spock’s first meeting and the miracle that sprung from it.

Original Version Status: Complete
New Version
Chapter 1 :: Chapter 2 :: Chapter 3 :: Chapter 4 :: Chapter 5 :: Chapter 6 :: Chapter 7 :: Chapter 8 :: Chapter 9 :: Chapter 10 :: Chapter 11 :: Chapter 12 :: Chapter 13 :: Chapter 14 :: Chapter 15 :: Chapter 16


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