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Fic: A Trick of Eros Chapter 10
Vulcan Porn
dreamwind83 wrote in spock_kirk
Story 1: A Trick of Eros
Author: dreamwind83
Beta: tkeylasunset
R to NC-17
Relationship: Kirk/Spock
Realationship Status: first time
Genre: Drama, Roamnce
Tropes: genderbening, mpreg/preg, teen, gay!spock
Warning: underage, het/slash, preg/mpreg, angst, AU, violence, language, girl!Kirk,
Universe: ST XI: Reboot
Summery: Based off a from the ST Kink Meme at LJ.
Teenage Jim never thought he would be a single parent. Of course he never thought he would have been a girl either, or that the father of his child would be a boy he knew for only three days. Or that the father would be a vulcan. But the world works in mysterious ways.

Original Version Status: Here [Complete]
New Version
Chapter 1 :: Chapter 2 :: Chapter 3 :: Chapter 4 :: Chapter 5 :: Chapter 6 :: Chapter 7 :: Chapter 8 :: Chapter 9 Part 1 :: Chapter 9 Part 2 :: NEW!!Chapter 10


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